About Us

Obsidian Home Maintenance is a company founded on the idea that Business as Usual isn’t going to cut it in the future we’re building together. A successful company of tomorrow will have to compete in a business environment that values more than just profits. A successful company of tomorrow will have to place as much emphasis on community engagement as it does on delivering the highest quality services at the lowest possible price to as many people as possible.

At Obsidian, our mission is to provide high-quality Home Services to home-owners at an unbeatable cost by utilizing the latest organizational technology to make Home Maintenance simple and affordable. Finally.

Become a member, schedule your included Standard Preventative Maintenance Service, and wait for an email from your Home Engineer with an introduction, a brief summary of their experience, and contact information in case something starts dripping, or leaking, or spontaneously penetrating drywall.

No one can beat Obsidian Home Maintenance on simplicity, quality, or cost. It’s a new way of doing business. Guaranteed.